Welcome to the Isis Glass on-line gift center. We are very excited to present our offering of unusual handmade photo frames and our longstanding signature piece, the candle vase. Our goal is to help you find the perfect frame to give as a gift or for your special personal photos. For the unusual size photo we offer custom service. Each piece is carefully made to enhance your home or office décor. All are made to the glory of God.

Isis glass (pronounced I'sis) takes its name from the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis.

What is Kiln Formed Glass?
The long forgotten process of glass fusing, invented by the ancient Egyptians, is reborn to add an exciting new dimension to colored glass. In fusing, the glass is cut, arranged and heated in an electric kiln to about 1550º F until all the parts fuse together into one solid piece of glass. Slumping is the process of giving the glass shape with the help of heat and gravity. A flat piece of glass is placed over a mold and as the glass softens it gently falls and takes on the shape of the mold.

The process of fusing and slumping allows me to create functional, decorative, two and three dimensional pieces. Energy that went into heating the glass is transformed into a glowing, flowing honey like substance that responds to the touch and spirit of the artist. I carefully handcraft each piece using the finest art glass made today.

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